site gone /scam? ptp approved #1
Posted on 11:04 am 08/01/2020
Was there not a thread where we could report sites that gone scam or just gone that are on the ptp approved list?

Want to report

Payments been pending since 4 months or more and site seems to gone now.

The site owner has not been online for couple months at emoneyspace.
Facebook page got deleted.
Don't know whats going on maybe someone else has more info?

Sad to see a nice site gone.
dont judge me just doing the same worthless as others
Re: site gone /scam? ptp approved #2
Posted on 8:05 pm 08/01/2020
There had been a thread, yes, but I removed it. While I will not approve an obvious scam site, sites that were approved and are still online that turn scam I do not necessarily want to remove as members can usually still use their credits at those scam sites, so why not let them earn something if they can?

I have just created a thread for dead sites in the PTP board
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