PTP Links, Cheat Checks and So Many Personal Delays #1
Posted on 6:20 pm 05/28/2020
Hello ApplePTC,

Recently a member was discovered cheating in such a way I had not even considered it. This member hijacked other members rotator/PTP links and made it appear those members were cheating to get rid of his competition. I will not say what it was I found that made me certain he had done this in case it is attempted again, however upon further investigating his account I found he had logged in from the exact same IP as another member on at least four occasions and so I banned him for the multiple accounts. He has already opened angry abusive support tickets and knew the real reason he had been banned without a word from me regarding anything but the multiple accounts so much deceit for a $0.75 difference in prizes, it's sad really.

To prevent this from happening in the future I will be restructuring the PTP links. This will not be done today, I want this as optimized as possible, I will give you warning via email and the forum to update your ads.

We are also having issues with PTSU ads from both advertising members and members signing up. Advertisers are choosing to deny legit signups based on no confirmation email knowing that not all sites send a confirmation email, this annoys me far more than the members claiming to have signed up and filling in the form with gibberish. It is clear I need to rebuild the entire PTSU system however until that time please people, act like the humans I know you are. If someone signed up, approve them. If someone filled in the form with gibberish, deny them.

I also have members filling in testimonials and PTP ref link claims with gibberish and their ApplePTC ref links. Either this industry is full of time wasting sons of... or these people have absolutely no understanding of English. I will be turning cheat checks back on temporarily to see which is infesting the site.

Where am I? Not online nearly enough, that is for sure. My personal reasons for being missing are below, feel free to stop reading here.

At the end of March my spouse began working outside of the home once more with up to 14 hour days at times. This means I lost my help entirely in regards to running my house and taking care of my mom. Other things happened and I had to kick out two of the three nephews I had living here which further reduced any help I had had around here. The remaining nephew fell and broke his dominant hand and is in a cast until June 2nd so he is also fairly useless right now and probably will be until he completes physical therapy.

Next my keyboard died and getting a new one proved harder than expected, it took six days total to get a simple normal desktop keyboard. I bought two just in case it happens again. This caused a long delay in processing PTP and rotator ads as I was not willing to open the majority to check on my phone. All ads have now been processed.

In April we put a deposit down on a German Shepherd puppy, everything seemed good. By the time I went to see her May 15th the situation at the breeders had deteriorated to the point they had separated 4 week old puppies from their mother, claiming the pups had weaned themselves, put the puppies in a pen in the dirt where they had no water, had ticks, and were fighting for food out of a single, too small, bowl. Needless to say, I brought her home immediately.

Koshi (my puppy) had two parasites and a bad case of roundworm. The roundworm is gone however we are still dealing with the parasites which is a lot of work, especially with the need to keep the puppy quarantined due to living in a house with two other elderly dogs. Koshi's weight is up, she is growing fast, she is still on meds until Sunday but everything is going to be fine health wise. If you are a dog person you know you cannot leave such a young dog locked up and not expect personality issues later. Between the effects of the parasites, the side effects of her meds, her need for contact, and her too young age to sit still this puppy is monopolizing my time and killing my sleep. The vet said I can expect her to begin sleeping through the night at 12 to 16 weeks, she turned 6 weeks this last Sunday, I still have work to put in.

May 22nd my first great nephew was born, early by a month and a bit on the small side for our family (6lbs, 10 ounces), he is currently in the NICU as his lungs need some help but is expected to be just fine.

None of this will impact payouts, they will be going out as expected.

I both require and appreciate your patience during this time. Things will be back to normal as soon as possible.

Have a great day!
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Re: PTP Links, Cheat Checks and So Many Personal Delays #2
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Posted on 6:31 pm 05/28/2020
Thank you so much for all of the updates, both personal and as per the site.

Certainly want to send prayers to you and yours, and wish a speedy recovery for your nephew and new pup.
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Re: PTP Links, Cheat Checks and So Many Personal Delays #3
Posted on 7:58 pm 05/28/2020
Could be an idea to mask the usernames in the contest rank?
Re: PTP Links, Cheat Checks and So Many Personal Delays #4
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Posted on 8:01 pm 05/28/2020
You don't need help, you need a miracle!

Will we need to change our PTP ad links at other sites when you change things over?
Re: PTP Links, Cheat Checks and So Many Personal Delays #5
Posted on 8:11 pm 05/28/2020
Sorry to hear all these troubles, I hope you and your family and new pup will soon all, be healthy.

And sure we are patience because health and family things go always first
Re: PTP Links, Cheat Checks and So Many Personal Delays #6
Posted on 9:46 pm 05/28/2020
hope everything is going to alright in near future ...
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