Quick Updates #1
Posted on 3:43 pm 03/25/2020
Good Morning ApplePTC

I cleaned up the approved list, removing inactive sites, revenue share sites, and even a couple unlicensed sites I hadn't noticed when approving sites. The PTP request section has been reopened however be sure to check the rules in the first post before requesting approval. If you had ads running on the sites removed I do apologize for the lack of notice.

The ref recycle page says 72+ hours because I did not code it but just added the time frame as html, I will fix that in a bit. I am almost out of refs for recycling so I have bumped the inactivity setting down to 14 days. Once all current member held positions have reached their minimum guaranteed refs I will be reactivating my position to restock the recycle pool.
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Re: Quick Updates #2
Posted on 11:31 am 03/26/2020
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