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réclamation /irrégularité dans les concours de clics #1
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Posted on 2:44 pm 02/18/2020
je tient à signaler et réclamer l'irrégularité dans le concours hebdomadaire de clics
dimanche (1er jour ) j'ai été classé premier lundi 3éme alors que j'ai effectué tout les clics disponibles et mardi je suis hors du classement des cinq premiers malgré que j'ai effectué tout les clics (échange - ptc et lecture et offres) donc impossible que je ne soit pas dans les premiers sauf si....anomalie ou triche.
je demande des explications. merci
Re: réclamation /irrégularité dans les concours de clics #2
Posted on 3:02 pm 02/18/2020
Ads run out of credits, some ads have daily limits of 15 or more..... 36 members logged in before you today, ads reset at 05:00:54 and you did not log in until 12:52:02.... you may be making all the clicks available to you at the time you log in but that does not mean more ads were not available before you logged in that have reached their daily limit after almost 8 hours.
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Re: réclamation /irrégularité dans les concours de clics #3
Posted on 5:00 pm 02/18/2020
i think you have to reconsider 15 hits limit because of this limit that other use i also use this in TE and PTC to remain in contest ..
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Re: réclamation /irrégularité dans les concours de clics #4
Posted on 8:15 am 02/19/2020
Lot of all diverse decision has to be made on ads viewing
Re: réclamation /irrégularité dans les concours de clics #5
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Posted on 7:51 pm 02/19/2020
non convaincu et ça reste une anomalie et aussi tout les sites réinitialisent les ptc à 00.00 heure
Re: réclamation /irrégularité dans les concours de clics #6
Posted on 9:24 pm 02/19/2020
The daily limit was thought out, it is still low enough to keep members putting up ads and still 3x higher than the number of top clickers which allows for competition.

It is not an anomaly, I broke it down for you, top clickers is a contest, why would I change it to hand a prize to one member? Allowing advertisers to set a daily limit of 1 was a mistake which I have corrected.

ApplePTC is not all the sites nor will it ever be... if I start comparing the site to other sites and running it like other sites you will not like that either. Imagine waiting until payout to find you have broken terms and not being paid for your time even though admin was happy to let you work until then... or being required to post proof to get your next payout... or a site only being approved for PTP if it is a certain alexa rank, etc. Most of the PTC have lots of crazy rules, you find none of that here yet over a cron you want me to be a typical PTC admin? No, I do not think you want ApplePTC ran like other PTC.

The last time the daily cron ran is directly on the earn page and has been for quite some time, it is at 9pm PST which is convenient for myself as I am usually able to be online around that time and frankly that is the most important thing, if a cron fails to run you want me here to manually run it, who cares what time most sites reset?

I could quit allowing members to view their own ads but I do believe you would be unhappy with that too when ads run out because those advertising quit advertising to quit giving extra views to other members as our advertisers are also members competing in the same contests you are. I added admin ads to the TE to allow for more surfing but I do not run many PTC at all. I think I have one point link up and one upgraded members ad up.
Do not light yourself on fire to keep others warm
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