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harvest grid gone #1
Posted on 5:56 am 02/17/2020
The harvest grid link redirects to not found.

Just happened in the middle of clicking there.
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Re: harvest grid gone #2
Posted on 7:38 am 02/17/2020
Its back.

After waiting a while with no success I logged out and back in and the error was gone.

Maybe it has something to do with the 24 hrs staying logged in? Or resetting ads?

Couple days ago I had something similar happening with ptc ads. While surfing there and after clicking the image I got redirected to a 403 site with not allowed to access this site or so. It was also in the middle of surfing the ptc ads.
Then I clicked the links one after the other and no error.
That went away after a couple minutes and didn\'t happen again yet.
Maybe you can figure out what was going on.
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Greed rears its ugly head
Re: harvest grid gone #3
Posted on 10:09 pm 02/17/2020
wait some time and log out and log in ..
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Re: harvest grid gone #4
Posted on 3:13 am 02/18/2020
Yes that's what I did but would be nice to figure out what or why I did happen
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Re: harvest grid gone #5
Posted on 1:42 pm 02/18/2020
I changed the login session time back to see if that makes a difference somehow, it really shouldn't, however it is worth a shot.

I have experienced the 503 errors myself, it usually means the sever is overwhelmed (which it's not) or that the server is performing maintenance (which it may be).

The 403 error can be on either end, user or server, and can usually be fixed just waiting a minute and refreshing the page.
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