Tips For Growing Your Downline #1
Posted on 1:20 pm 01/19/2020
Someone asked me how a member is getting so many refs... I won't answer that but I will give you some tips in a general sense.

Paid signups are allowed just remember not to spend more than you can make.

Quick and Easy Methods:

- Find small sites no one else has ever heard of and use your normal ref link or a splash page while advertising at that site. Many small sites have friends/family of admin clicking there that don't necessarily click elsewhere. Don't just promote on PTP approved sites, other members are promoting there and probably were before you, odds say they've gotten all the sign ups that are going to come from that site. Instead take your normal ref link and / or splash page links and use those on sites you do not see any ads for ApplePTC on.

- Find country specific sites that are in your native language rather than English. A lot of times these sites have members not normally active at every PTC out there.

- Traffic exchanges do get refs sometimes and are the reason I created the splash pages. They will convert to referrals much better than other links when using traffic exchanges, it is what members there are accustomed to seeing.

- Do you have a free job board type site in your area that allows for ref links? I'm trying to get my nephews jobs so I've been on craigslist quite a bit lately and have seen ref and affiliate links for all kinds of things on there. There is nothing in the terms here at ApplePTC saying you can't promote at sites like this, just don't spam and don't break other sites rules.

More Involved Methods:

- Referral exchanges in sites like and can gain you some referrals if you aren't active in too many PTC and can exchange.

- Own your own webpage. No, I do not mean a PTC or any member based website. How many sites are you juggling advertising from? Simplify your life... buy a domain, get hosting, cheap is fine but you'll regret free in the long run. You will want to make sure the hosting has cPanel available, it's just the most user friendly for editing.

Now, if you have no experience and don't want to use a script then there are thousands of free CSS/HTML templates out there, you don't actually need a script of any kind. If you go with a blank template simply edit the pages in the template directly and fill it with your ref links, add 3rd party ad networks like adhitz and a-ads that are friendly for PTC / TE traffic.

Alternatively you can install something free like wordpress and have an admin panel. Of course, using any script will require more in hosting than a CSS/HTML template by itself. Both methods have a ton of tutorials out there if you google, you do not need to pay anyone to do this.

Once set up you promote this page instead of every ref link for every site you are at. You now have instant advertising running at however many sites you are promoting your page at plus network ads. You also now have hosting for custom banner images that can help with gaining refs as well.

There are free pages that function like this as well however you cannot earn from ad networks using any of these free methods and your control is limited.

It is late, this is long, I'm done... feel free to add your own methods here if you want to share
Re: Tips For Growing Your Downline #2
Posted on 2:00 pm 01/19/2020
Hi ,
I think you well explain every possible method and i use many of them ..

The methods I use are TE , paid refs and deal .. and i use my splash page link that is nicely done ..
For Me Honesty Is Every Thing .Which means believe that !
Re: Tips For Growing Your Downline #3
5.69 $
Posted on 7:59 am 01/20/2020
Hello, I'm new to your site.
thank you for these explanations very well written.
See you soon and good luck for your site.
Re: Tips For Growing Your Downline #4
Posted on 1:08 pm 01/20/2020
You receive very negative promotion to your site!
Re: Tips For Growing Your Downline #5
Posted on 4:04 pm 01/20/2020
You go rant and rave wherever you please the ad1933 account is gone now as well.
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