On September 25th, 2020 ApplePTC was hacked. I had it and another site I have been working on for a friends business in a member account on our portal to send screenshots to a client regarding portal usage and never removed the site from that account. Both the script and database have been downloaded by this person, the backup drive was also accessed and deleted.

Members should immediately change any passwords you use at other sites if your password was the same as ApplePTC. I have some file backups but the database is gone, recovering the site as it was on September 24th, 2020 is not possible.

If you have screen shots of your balance prior to this attack please send it to me along with your coinbase email or BTC wallet address for payment at admin@appleptc.info. Without proof anyone can claim anything regarding balance so I must insist on some sort of proof.

If you have purchased within the last 90 days please contact with a BTC address to send your refund to, neither processor in use gives me enough data to simply refund. Please include the name payment was sent from for verification as both processors show this data.

Please forgive my silence the last couple days, I have had nothing nice to say and so said very little and hoped we could do something. This is the end for ApplePTC, I am done, I will not try and rebuild, I will not open another PTC site.

I do apologize to members who have put their time and effort in at the site, I had no intentions of it ending, especially not this way.