2018 Referral Contest

Current Prize Pool

From now until January 1st, 2019 ApplePTC will be holding a referral contest. To be eligible you need only 1 active referral! The contest is beginning with a prize pool of $100 to be paid out at 50%, 20%, 10% and the remaining 20% divided amongst all remaining members on the board. In addition to the $100 prize pool 50% of all sales via CoinPayments will be added through the entire contest (account funds do not count).
Remember ONLY active referrals will be counted for the contest.

Current Standings

UsernameReferralsReferrals Counted
kukishah778jonathan21, gabolas_ems, alkpap1, babisuna, theorder, Miracle201888, yuriyuli, AhpTeam
coiner5ratrelish, solopg, Namaty48, Noctambule, arzamas
Look2ejs27, aleks9999
Ensurox2brokulabranko6, virgo36

Contest Rules

Member Rules

  1. At least half of your referrals must come from a country that is not your own.
  2. Referrals must be active to be counted.
  3. Paid signups are allowed.
  4. Downline builder type sites and forum posts are allowed.
  5. Autosurfs are never allowed for any part of the website.

Admin Rules

  1. Activity requirements will not be posted to keep from making paid signups easy.
  2. Must add any prize pool owed funds to the posted prize pool when approving orders.

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