cashtravel #1
Posted on 8:25 pm 12/14/2018
don't waste your time
Last edited by coiner on 11:09 am 12/15/2018
Re: cashtravel #2
Posted on 7:40 pm 01/02/2019
Your account was thoroughly checked here prior to contest winnings being sent... no problems.
Re: cashtravel #3
Posted on 4:43 pm 01/14/2019
Yeah no need to cheat but that Guy told me when reaching $ 1 to cashout I'm a Bot. I'm using an android tablet which is not against his terms or at least I haven't found anything at his site that says it is not allowed. But he kept saying I'm a bot so guess selected paying or what ever. Dont waste your time with that site. He can keep his $1 I'm not clicking to make a living out of it. He has 5 second ads what the heck he is thinking how much time you need to click 15 ads with a 5 second timer??? Kinda funny but I can not recommend that site.

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