Updates #1
Posted on 6:06 am 02/13/2018
1) The rotator is fixed and working properly.

2) The contact page is fixed, apparently it wanted to be reconfigured after moving.

3) Activity bonus prizes all have a minimum of one cent cash now.

4) The daily cron (automated tool) will be checking inactive accounts and handling them after I get a warning email sent out.

5) At this time miner fees are very high so for the time being I have limited withdraws to Coinbase accounts as you may send via email there without fees.

6) Errors are now showing properly in PTP approval requests, if you were feeling ignored I probably had not received the request, resubmit please.

7) Rebuilt the downline page - let me know if you have any issues viewing your referrals now.

8) I accidentally manually suspended all members inactive 180 days or more by being on the wrong page while changing the battery on a wireless mouse and then dropping it while putting the cover back on... I doubt a warning email would have brought people back from six months activity however.

9) Added a page of your rotator traffic sources for you so you can now see where you are getting valid hits from --- and now even linked to the page somewhere check the main PTP page under earnings for now until the new profile is finished.

10) Fixed in site messaging so line breaks format correctly.

Yes, more changes are coming...
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