Regarding PTP and Referrals #1
Posted on 1:40 pm 10/24/2018

I have more recycle requests than I have referrals so at this time I have disabled selling referrals. I will try to get some ads running soon to help get those requests filled, you are not being ignored, the site has no free referrals to process the requests.

After reviewing PTP stats all tiers are now set to 100% and only 2 proxy ports are being detected. The site is and has always been set to referrer unique hits. In reviewing stats I also noticed a couple sites grossly under performing and have removed said sites from the approved list as their traffic seems to be lacking...

178,879 valid hits - 7 signups, 3 of which have never been active and none of which have been active enough to earn more than 3 cents... removed from PTP approved.

149,288 valid hits - 0 signups... removed from PTP approved.

22,916 valid hits - 22 signups... remains approved.

10,447 valid hits - 17 signups... remains approved.

9,688 valid hits - 2 signups... remains approved.

I do not require signups for approved sites however when it's so bad almost 150,000 hits don't result in a single new member, the site has to go, it's nothing personal. Yes, these sign up counts are counting suspended members referring URL as well. I cannot give you the signup count on the PTP approved page because of the number of rows that will require the script to cycle through for every single approved site, it's simply not worth the server resources as I do wish to keep this site on my shared server lol.

In reply to emails regarding where I am and what is going on with my store:

As many of you are aware I am a live in caregiver offline, and recently I have been dealing with my own medical issues... no, I'm not dying, I'm 32 and until a few years ago was pretty healthy but I have been in front of this computer for too long and apparently it does take it's toll lol. Online I have a new project I dove into, we are always working on Deluxe and I have several design orders I'm working on as I get replies from clients so I am juggling a lot at the moment but I am most definitely still here and yes, I am considering the BTC exchange rate and withdraws still being closed problem. I'm trying to figure out a feasible go between that protects all admin using our script and still results in payments being sent, please bear with me and be glad we haven't put the limiter in the default script yet. Clearly I have not abandoned the site, nor will I, if you could see my admin panel you would understand how much of a dev site this live site happens to be, I will not abandon it. The AuroraBrushes store emptied out for no other reason than I ran out of turnkey with little time to get more up (I'm still sitting on 6 domains I bought in June I haven't had time to get set up as turnkey) and all our addons are now in our main script with the latest release. I also pulled all templates with out of date coding and have quit working on any other brands which removed many products.

With all that being said I do believe I have answered all waiting emails from the site, if I missed something or you absolutely must have a personal response to your email please send another.

Have A Great Day!
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Re: Regarding PTP and Referrals #2
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Posted on 2:56 pm 10/24/2018
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