Ads not resetting

  • coiner
  • Posts 10
Posted on 9:09 pm 01/19/2018
Never mind looks like they did reset.
Could we have the server time somewhere on the site?
Last edited by coiner on 8:26 am 01/20/2018

Re: Ads not resetting

  • ReMis1
  • Posts 13
Posted on 9:02 am 02/08/2018
done, server time shows now in the profile and directly on the click page

the last cron fail was caused by the site being down when it normally would have run
Last edited by ReMis1 on 9:02 am 02/08/2018

Re: Ads not resetting

  • coiner
  • Posts 10
Posted on 10:08 am 02/09/2018
Thank you
Think since the last fail it's running fine.
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