BTC Limiter on Payouts #1
Posted on 9:57 am 08/19/2018

This limiter has been in place since mid July, and so for those who have taken this change graciously I do thank you for your understanding and below you'll only find five minutes of your time wasted, feel free to skip it...

I received a fairly angry message yesterday regarding the BTC price limiter added to payouts. Yes, I forgot to mention it in the updates post, this is true, but no, I will not be removing the limiter either, in fact, it will be added to the default script soon for the benefit of all admin using the script. A number of complaints we have received are in regards to members hoarding balances until the price of BTC drops so as to receive the most coin possible and while the mentality is understood it is potentially destabilizing to any site as you might imagine.

I have not replied to said message, in fact, it is in my trash... would you walk in a store and verbally attack the owner in hopes to lower his prices and then expect that owner to do business with you? With the threats made by this member I have decided posting in public is the best course of action so that my words not be twisted later should he carry out his threats. By the way, I sell wordpress setup if you need help slandering my site, angry member. If you wish to talk about this problem further please post it here or you will be ignored. The angry member's account has not been touched, I believe in freedom of speech, I also believe in my right to delete without replying to asinine messages.

I do not push members to purchase at ApplePTC, the few times I have ran a buy one get one special I have done so silently, you get no spam flooding your inbox from this website begging you to buy, nor will you, I value your time and differences in hardware, browsers and bug reports far more than your coins. If you have a complaint or a doubt by all means, let me know either here or via the contact page, your choice, but please don't come with vulgarity and threats or I will not respond.

Have a great day!
Dont forget to fill in your withdraw profile!
Re: BTC Limiter on Payouts #2
27.69 $
Posted on 8:11 pm 08/19/2018
minimum withdraw sir !
For Me Honesty Is Every Thing .Which means believe that !
Re: BTC Limiter on Payouts #3
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Posted on 8:27 pm 08/19/2018
and i agree with you !
For Me Honesty Is Every Thing .Which means believe that !
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