ptc price #1
Posted on 9:09 am 11/12/2017
the ptc rewards are a lot less than other sites, 1000 ptc for an earning of 1 cent, that is a lot of clicking for no reward.
that was the main reason that the previous owner could not get and keep members.
will you be increasing the reward we get?
Re: ptc price #2
Posted on 5:32 pm 11/13/2017
Hi... good point, right now I was just approving some ads and have some offline errands however I will check this out tonight.

I think the previous owner had an issue with the number of link credits floating around, the site does not have the same problem anymore, I matched credits to purchases and wiped every account without record of purchases so the total link credits in the system at this point is 15,269 rather than the millions the previous owner was facing.
Dont forget to fill in your withdraw profile!
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