PTP Rotator #1
Posted on 11:08 am 06/23/2018

A member has sent me a link tonight of the PTP rotator being placed in another sites rotator. I have always been very clear about the rules regarding PTP, they are literally posted on the main PTP page, several members are about to lose their accounts over this rule:

Your PTP link must not be placed in a rotator.

What I have promised to do to those violating the rules:
"Anyone caught breaking the above rules will lose access to the PTP contest, forfeit all PTP earnings and at ApplePTC's sole discretion face account deletion entirely."

Perhaps not everyone understand what this means... if the rotator link here on ApplePTC is being loaded in another link that rotates ads such as this one you are in violation of the rules. If you have any questions feel free to ask, if you are not sure you should be promoting the page as a certain ad type, just ask.

Please consider this your warning, I am redirecting you at login to be sure everyone sees this.
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Re: PTP Rotator #2
Posted on 8:57 pm 06/23/2018

But guess then we have a problem with trafficg in general. All sites that are listed in trafficg are also automatically rotated in the home page link (hps.php) link at trafficg.
I use the home page link to earn some credits.
From trafficg (Preview Page)
The page should be viewed for at least 6 seconds.

The hits should come from other sites.
No auto-surfs or poor quality sources (We do monitor the traffic)
The link should not be used in emails.
The traffic to your link does NOT have to be 100% unique

I had the link in the grid at apple means its against the ptp rules.
At trafficg we are only allowed to use our normal referral link right?

One more there any rule that you have to get xxx refs per xxx hits?
I was checking on it but there was nothing in the faq.
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Re: PTP Rotator #3
Posted on 9:05 pm 06/27/2018

Removed trafficg from the approved list. Yes, normal ref links are fine.

No, there are no number of referral rules, it can be very hard to gain referrals through the PTP link.

Everything has become much more delayed as I am a caregiver and the woman I take care of has torn her rotator cuff which means she needs much more time than normal.
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