premier jour #1
5.11 $
Posted on 1:00 pm 05/31/2018
j'ai 0.16$ pour le premier jour
Re: premier jour #2
Posted on 4:15 pm 05/31/2018

nice first day, however, I do not want potential or current members to be misled by this statement, your earnings are not typical so lets break them down...

2018-05-31 Your Lucky Day! 0.1000
2018-05-31 WhooHoo - Cash! 0.0100
You won eleven cents of that in the surf rewards. Many surf reward prizes are simply ad credits, indeed it was your lucky day.

2018-05-31 Thank You! 0.0500
Another 5 cents came from your activity bonus reward which is also a random prize from
a long list of available rewards. Rewards in this section always contain at least 1 cent there are only a few 5 cent prizes.

Your actual earnings from your own actions without bonuses today is $0.02275000
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