Updates #1
Posted on 2:23 am 10/26/2017
1) I am going to start posting in the forum rather than the news section.

2) All purchase balance loads will have 25% added the rest of October, so if you load $5 to your account you will receive $6.25, if you load $20 you will receive $25 and so forth.

3) You may now choose to view your own ads when creating PTC, PTR and exchange ads so that advertising will not affect your chances of winning the click contest. If you choose to enable self views you will lose the ability to retract credits and you will need to contact in order to stop the ad. There is also a new 10 credit minimum to add credits to these ad types, this will keep anyone from manipulating the contest.

4) You may now choose your own background and text colors in link ads and paid to read ads, more ad types coming soon.

5) By following the Paid to Promote link under the Earn Now menu you may request PTP approval for any site you wish to advertise the rotator in. PTP rates vary, yes, it is low now ($0.05 per 1000) but you will also see it is the default link being shown (, as ads are placed rates will go up but not before then, there is a PTP contest to help increase member earnings in the mean time.
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