Good Morning Apple PTC #1
Posted on 4:52 pm 05/20/2018

I see new people now using the rotator PTP link at new sites however those websites are not approved... If a website is not listed on the PTP approved page it absolutely will not credit for PTP. Many traffic sources were added from those not crediting today however I wont regularly be doing this, I honestly just wont think to so it is important you request approval to earn credit.

We have an important update coming out shortly for Deluxe I plan on upgrading ApplePTC to. I have altered a lot on the base script here so any upgrade will not be a fast thing, it will be a rebuild. For the time being I have set the exchange to automatic approval. You should expect much silence and few changes around here in the next month, fair warning.

Yes, faucethub withdraw will be here with the rebuild.

Any other requests or complaints from your side? Try to get them to me in the next couple of weeks.

Have a great day!
Dont forget to fill in your withdraw profile!
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