Good Evening Apple PTC #1
Posted on 5:22 am 03/28/2018

My time online over the last couple weeks has been very short. I was recently able to acquire a portable O2 compressor for my mother (I am her full time caregiver) and she has had me busy, also I am in the process of setting up another business with a friend of mine offline, and finally, it is spring in my area and my summer vegetable garden takes a bit of time, especially since I have expanded this year to every available space, including my front yard. Why bother with a lawn? It gives you nothing in return for your care and efforts.

The PTP approved sites currently show reported scam sites, be wary when signing up. I am half way done with a new page that allows you to see directly which sites have been reported as scam, it should be in place in the next couple days.

A pending request just sat six days, the member finally used the contact page and I realized I should check the site. If you are pending more than three days please feel free to contact, I will deny a payment if there is a reason to, I do not leave them sitting there for any reason other than I simply have not seen the site in a couple days.
Dont forget to fill in your withdraw profile!
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