Webmasters - Monetization Alternative #1
Posted on 9:32 pm 11/28/2019
JSE cryptography is providing a new way for website owners to monetize their content as an alternative to displaying ads. This may be preferable for sites where space is at a premium or banner advertising is not appropriate. It could also be used in conjunction with existing traditional advertising methods as an additional revenue stream.

They intend to launch commercial tools that will allow webmasters to use JSEcoin to receive digital payments through their websites.
- Shopping carts
- Payment buttons
- SaaS Subscriptions
- Digital downloads
- Digital advertising
- Software sale
- Website membership subscriptions

Anything purchased through a website must be available to pay with cryptocurrency: JSEcoin could lead the way to make this possible and simple for webmasters.
Re: Webmasters - Monetization Alternative #2
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Posted on 9:29 am 11/29/2019
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