Site Back Online #1
Posted on 10:57 pm 01/07/2018

I apologize for the long downtime, we have had major issues lately after the server we are hosted on was attacked. ApplePTC is back online now on a new server, if you encounter any bugs at all please let me know.

Have a great day!
Re: Site Back Online #2
Posted on 5:17 pm 01/09/2018
The stats does not seem to reset.
Please check into it. Thanks
Last edited by coiner on 4:43 pm 01/11/2018
Re: Site Back Online #3
Posted on 3:28 pm 01/13/2018
Thank you, coiner, for the report.

I ran the cron manually to check the error being thrown so today the site will reset now as well as at the regular time, it is not an error, simply a by product of quick diagnostics and will be normal tomorrow.

Over 100 sites were affected directly on our servers not mentioning all clients on their own hosting when our main portal went down, this results in many tickets lol, if I am late responding to anyone please do not hesitate to contact directly.

I have also been told the rotator is not crediting hits, I will check this soon and manually compensate the members affected. I will also update this post when it is working properly once more.
Re: Site Back Online #4
Posted on 8:53 am 01/15/2018
Thank you

So far it looks like everything is back to normal.
I dont use the rotator but the rest seems to be working fine.
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