PTP approved sites

  • coiner
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Posted on 7:28 am 03/05/2018
There are 2 scam sites listed in the PTP allowed area (does not pay anymore and listed as scam on many sites.

Same counts for

Re: PTP approved sites

  • ReMis1
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Posted on 4:35 am 03/07/2018
Let me think of a compromise here... banning these sites entirely for PTP earnings at ApplePTC is a negative for members as they may at the very least use their earnings at such sites to gain PTP credits where they can be paid while at the same time it does look as though I am supporting these sites when in actuality I am not active at any PTC due to the nature of my other businesses online, only a few TE.

Re: PTP approved sites

  • coiner
  • Posts 10
Posted on 12:48 pm 03/19/2018
I didn't think about that.... true.
I was just thinking that some may join these sites. I might be guilty I joined some of them.
But if people do some research they should figure out what is legit and what not.
Thanks for looking into it.
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